If you have clicked on this article, you are likely someone who is on the dating scene in some capacity. Perhaps you are new to it and you want to know if it’s right for you. Or maybe you’re the seasoned dater, wondering what else it can offer you.

Wherever you’re at, this article is here to give you something that even the dreamiest of dates can’t provide. Let’s get right into it!

Daters, had you considered that dating is as much about you, as it is about them? That when you go on a date, you aren’t just trying to impress your prospective suitor but yourself also?

The thing with modern dating, is there is often a heavy emphasis on what you are able to offer the other person, and whether it’s enough for them. This can create not only quite an exhausting experience for you, but an imbalanced start to your potential relationship.

So how can we give ourselves some love and kindness when we head out on to the dating scene?

The first phase of this can be before we even leave the house! When you’re preparing for your date, take time for yourself. Whether that’s taking a few extra moments to enjoy a bubble bath, or do some nourishing yoga, or even have a delicious light meal before you head out. Take time to choose what you’ll wear, enjoying the pleasure of self care as you do so. Remember – this is your day or evening just as much as it is theirs.

On the date itself, start to practice the self loving practice of telling stories you’re proud of. By avoiding telling negative story experiences (save the deeper stuff for later dates) and focusing on the things you most enjoy, you will find that you confirm those positives for yourself as much as for the person listening to you. It’s easy to run ourselves down. Instead, choose to share your amazingly special experiences and interests.

Following the date, no one says you have to head home and wait for a verdict. It can be very tempting to be glued to your telephone, awaiting any news from the person you’re attracted to. But why put yourself through the stress and the discomfort?

Instead, why not arrange to meet a friend for the evening if your date was a daytime occasion. Or you could finish what you started before your date, and head home for some self care and quality time. You could even take yourself out for drink, to celebrate the positive move you made in going on the date in the first place!

Most of all, remember that you are a special, unique, incredible person. And there is someone for everyone in this world – many in fact. Enjoy the journey.